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The positive  applications for Drones is becoming more apparent as Hobby can turn into higher crop yields for farmers > more...
Learning to FLY a UAV is NEXT CAREER for many seeking to turn radio controlled aircraft skills into practical applications > more...
Turning the hobby of Aerial Robotics into  tools of aerial photography, search & rescue, waterways inspection, mapping and > more...
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Technology Leader in UAV and UAS is developing ways to provide systems  do you can Sky Higher toward reaching your goals and objectives!

Stronger components, longer flight times, better camera positiioning, wind resistent aircraft, better GPS coordination, more flexibilble data capture, auto-pilot flight control systems, programmable mapping, data collection, video image stiching, data analysis and other UAS innovationsmore...
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Catch up on all the NEW FAA regulations and the lastest scoop around the world

UAV use in commercial
applications is under review
by the FAA with new guidelines
to be published by the end
of 2014.  more...
Sky Higher also provides access to authors and industry leading professionals in aerial robotics

Unmaned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), often referred to
the Peace Maker Drones, are the future in
safely performing many practical tasks.  more...
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